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Instant Cash For Cars in Brisbane

We already know that there are people which are not available to take care of their old trash, or their cars. By this time, we got for you at least one solution for one of your problems, your old and junkie car. Not only junkie ones, if you want to sell your old one that is still working, you can manage to get some cash for cars with. Forget that trash that cannot apply for a car insurance anymore or turn on anymore. If your car is: Damaged, really old, you just don’t want it or it looks like garbage, just

Cash for cars, for new and old ones

Call us in order to make a possible budget and make some business.

A car of any brand, in any conditions, used or useless, bring it, we will check it. We manage a professional staff focused in giving you the best service. We have several years of experience buying old cars, so, if you are looking to an opportunity to get rid of your old car, just make a call to tour contact number.

If you need quick cash and you know that your car is possible a income fund because you read this, just give us an opportunity. We are ready to buy any car, even an old Ferrari. We got cash for you, what are you waiting to come for it?

An unwanted car for cash, does that sound good? After you call us, we will send one of our salesman in order to see what you have on your garage in order to set a price.

There are certain process to do free car removal process (Cash for car)

We will try to make the best deal possible, but we will also tell you which things are mandatory to make this process.

  1. Ownership papers
  2. Your ID, Photo of it.
  3. Remove the plate
  4. Give us your direction to see, analyze and retire the car

After that, it does not matter if your car looks like crap, we will make some connection with a buyer in your city.

Why selling old cars?


As you can see in your garage, or at the front of your house, if there is an old car for a long period of time, that mean that this space where car is you won’t be able to use it.


Second but I think mainly aspect about this. If you are searching a method of how selling your old scrap car, you want money in your pocket as soon as possible. We will be in your spot in some hours.

After you call us, we will go to your spot and see what you got, make a deal and give your money, if we can’t make a deal, we will try to find a buyer as soon as possible to help you to reach your goals.


The money that you got from selling your old car, you can use it for buying a new one if you got some savings. The same things works if you want to start a business, this could be a nice money to start doing some new business.

Most FAQ

Is instant cash?

Yes it is. We are offering a cash for car service.

Where is this service?

This service is for Brisbane, Australia

Should I Drive if my car is usable?

If you don’t want to, you don’t have to do it. We can go to your spot in order to proof our commitment with our clients and for make you save time also.

Setting a price

The price of cars should be not based on current values of market. We try to make our best offer in each sales, but it is well known that depending on your vehicle status, you should know that it will be kind of cheap, but, we try to offer the best prices.

We can remove several kind of vehicles, since

Our service is considered one of the best in this city and thousand people are always taking into account how to. We not only offer a nice service, we offer professionals which will handle your situations in the best way possible.

Based on prices of a car removal may cost at least some thousand dollars, just call for more info and according your car characteristics, we will give you a nice price. Do not hesitate in contacting us, you will be thankful of just changing that old car in your backyard for some extra cash.

It does not have to be your obligation to sell this old car, you should let the professionals handle this situation and let you just enjoy your money in your pocket. Does that sound good to you?